Solar Chimney Locations

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This Scale test model: in 1982, with German government funding, SBP built and ran a small, experimental 50-kilowatt solar updraft plant in the south of Spain. It consisted of a 195-meter (640-foot) tower, fashioned from corrugated steel, and a canopy 244 meters (800 feet) in diameter.


Mildura in northern Victoria a German engineering firm is building the largest solar chimney ever. "It’s the brainchild of Professor Jörg Schlaich and his structural engineering firm Schlaich Bergermann and Partner in Stuttgart and their Melbourne-based partner, Environmission"

"The whole power station is being built at an estimated cost of $800 million Australian", says Schiel. That’s about 450 million euro – no mean price.

"Price is the most important factor in the solar energy business", he says. He estimates that the production costs for a solar energy plant on this scale is about 20 percent higher than a coal-fired plant. "The basic question for success will be the cost – it will be about 8 Australian cents or 4,5 European cents per kilowatt".


In Jinshawan, Wuhai City of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region China's first solar chimney plant starts operating in desert Starting operation on Dec. 10, the 200-kilowatt power generating unit can supply 400,000 kwh of electricity per year, saving the equivalent of 100 tonnes of coal and 900 tonnes of water, compared with thermal power generation.

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