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WikiGrabber http://www.serped.com/no-bs-guide-backlinks-7-ways-get-backlinks-google-will-love/1178 Copy and paste the link into the ‘Site Analyser’ section of SERPed (or your current tool), and look for the backlinks that point to that page:

Backlinks: Quora, Linked-in Groups

Academic SEO[edit]

Refers to Search on Google Scolar, Mendeley, and PubMed. Market or Perish

Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO): Optimizing Scholarly Literature for Google Scholar & Co.

Joeran Beel UC Berkeley School of Information jbeel@berkeley.edu

Bela Gipp UC Berkeley School of Information gipp@berkeley.edu

Erik Wilde UC Berkeley School of Information dret@berkeley.edu