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Organizing Academia One Paper at a Time

Earn 5 Bucks for sharing your reference manager library that you have been using to categorize journal articles.


War on Ignorance

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Find or create a page using parenthesis [[]] and edit in your list of articles.

Here is an example of what this site is supposed to look like: Solar Chimney I categorized most of the journal articles on Solar Chimneys.

This site exists for the following reasons:

1.) Literature Reviews are regularly performed and then discarded instead of being shared (dead-weight loss). Share them here and add your contact info such as email-address and/or linkedin profile link.

2.) Obscure journal articles do not receive the attention they deserve.

3.) PhD theses are not promoted in any form of journal, and so those most in need of publicity go without.

4.) Negative research results go unpublished: this is a place to share them.

5.) Corporations are welcome to discreetly inform of relevant technologies.

6.) Professionals are welcome to discreetly brag about relevant accomplishments (please leave contact info for employers).

7.) You need funding for an idea and categorizing it might just get you the attention it deserves.

8.) You need a post-doc or research assistant in an obscure area: post a short (few line) add (and take it down too.)

9.) This provides an alternative to elitist journals that is based on expanding our knowledge not cherry-picking.

10.) Start a Project page: simply begin the title like Project: DNA sequencing by intercalated flourescent metal ion-ligand conjugation sensitive to the local chemical enviorment.

There are several use cases for this site: Literature Review, Article Promotion, Project Organization, Self-Promotion, Corporate Promotion and Sharing Unpublished Results

How to do a literature search

Rules: Be patient with any good-faith edit. Try not to edit someone else's paragraphs: put your stuff at the end and separated by a line like this:

His Contributions

My contributions My Contact info;

Promotion of OLR

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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