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Many times separate disciplines have a different term for the same thing:


Jargon really isn't a problem between academic disciplines most of the time.

Give contributors to this site a bio and link at the side of the web-page. Make Contribution (images) link back to the site of the uploader like Pinterest. Incentivise the development of this site.

1.) build application for windows (and later linux) that connects to the Kucoin API and allows you to purchase coins with Stop losses. Retail for $1 https://www.reddit.com/r/kucoin/

2.) Cryptotwits

3.) Cellphone, connects to computer/website via bluetooth program installed on computer: login = "approve" on cellphone. RFID tag in cellphone case detected by beeper resulting in an alarm if it goes out of range:"your cellphone has been left". Same for keys. Put this inside a belt buckle. "Strap your cellphone, and keys to yourself." Mash

4.) Manager that uses Google Drive as free storage.

5.) aquathermal air conditioning.

6.) Site to find Cryptocurrency naming conflicts? don't want to buy the wrong currency.

7.) use Photogrammetry software and about 10 cameras to create a 3d rendering of

         A.) every piece of clothing in a store filled with air baloons
         B.) every customer who walks through the door buying clothes and expressing interest.
         C.) Compare the two for fit using algorithm. 
         D.) Display only the clothes that fit, and try to sell bespoke clothing.